Bring your DREAM DAY to life with music!

Alchemy Rose - Live Wedding Music Calgary - Piano, Cello, Violin, Voice
Alchemy Rose – Live Wedding Music Calgary – Piano, Cello, Violin, Voice

We wait our whole lives for that special day! Sure, there are flowers; food; décor—but weddings are really about the people and sharing a special once-in-lifetime experience! Imagine walking down the aisle to the sonorous beauty of the cello and violin, and the richness and depth of the piano. Visualize entertaining your guests with the elegance and sophistication of live music during your cocktail hour and reception, with classical, pop, jazz, movie standards and any of your special requests.

Music is a magical way of making an emotional connection with every guest. Your wedding ceremony and reception music let you set the mood, share your personalities immediately and genuinely, and bridge the gap between strangers and friends. Offer your guests the gift of music, as one more beautiful and exciting bond to share on your special day.

Let Alchemy Rose be your trusted vendor to make the most romantic day of your life extra memorable! From classical to pop to jazz and more, we offer music spanning more than 400 years, and will lead you through the selection process to make it as easy as possible for you.

Alchemy Rose Piano Trio for Your Weddings
Alchemy Rose Piano Trio for Your Weddings

Why Alchemy Rose?

  • We are experienced, professional, and passionate about music. We have hundreds of weddings behind our belts!
  • We flexibly adapt to indoor and outdoor venues – and all the unique needs and intricacies of many different venues, so that you don’t have to worry about it. We take care of it start to finish.
  • We will perform any style of music for you on your special day, traditional and non-traditional
  • We can arrange your special request songs
  • We help you make appropriate choices or let us choose for you!
  • We are a one stop shop, providing music for showers, dinners, wedding ceremony, cocktails and reception.
  • We have all the equipment we need and know just what to do to keep your day running smoothly and work invisibly with your team to make your day perfect.
  • We provide many different configurations of violin, cello, guitar, piano, voice and more. From solo to duo or trio, we will find a way to accommodate you and your venue’s needs.

Our rates average between $500 and $1200 with an average price being $750.  Please contact us for more information, reserve your date, and help making your music selections.

Many congratulations to you on your engagement!

Much music love!

Aleksandra, Christine and Rosanna of Alchemy Rose 

Alchemy Rose Live Wedding Music Calgary